All things bright and Digital.


Responsive Design

More websites are now loaded on smartphones and tablets than on desktop computers. It's no longer just a secondary thought. Tinamou builds websites with mobile as the primary concern. Websites need to be optimized for various user experiences. Serving content that is user friendly across devices is increasingly important for SEO.


All our websites include completion of an extensive technical SEO checklist, which will give you a great springboard for a digital marketing strategy. There are few silver bullets when it comes to search engine optimization but you can significantly improve your chances of success by adhering to SEO technical best practices on the backend.

Technical Support

Websites exist within a greater ecosystem and need to be secure and compatible. It is important to have reliable technical support backup even if rarely used. We tailor support arrangements to suit your needs and provide a web-based system for logging and checking issues - transparency and communication reduces anxiety and fosters trust.

Project Management

Most of the frustrations in digital projects result from ineffective project management. Agile development encourages effective communication, realistic deadlines and a clear understanding of project scope from the beginning. It allows for flexibility as the project progresses. We use Jira so that the process is effectively communicated.


We can provide in-house or remote training for content editors and Drupal administrators. We can also provide bespoke video tutorials or documentation. We can build training packages to suit your requirements that could include basic Drupal content editing to more advance back and front end development.

Development & Integration

Websites have evolved from standalone informational entities into rich applications that integrate with other third party applications. We choose Drupal because it allows you to do more - quickly, robustly, securely. The digital landscape changes quickly but Drupal is well placed to adapt to those changes.